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Let Top Dog Restorations and Grill Cleaning do what you DON’T want to do – so you can enjoy what you really WANT to DO – Cooking and creating great tasting meals on your backyard BBQ grill or outdoor kitchen!

We DEEP clean and thoroughly degrease those difficult areas that most grill owners don’t see or cannot get to. While we’re professionally cleaning your grills – heat plates, grates, racks and more, parts are being soaked and sanitized in our patented “steam bath”, located in our professionally equipped, customized trailer.

Top Dog Restorations Commitment

Old food residue on the grill can lead to dangerous carcinogenic buildup on the grill. People don’t want to be feeding their family food off the grill that has this dangerous buildup on it.

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We are providing numerous health benefits and making your next grilling experience much healthier and safer! Top Dog takes pride in our diligence to provide the highest quality of services for your Grilling Investment, so you can enjoy the outdoor fun.

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Protect the Grill Investment

With some many good folks with high-end grills and outdoor kitchens, you certainly don’t want to replace that big investment very often. Our customers see this strong benefit and use the service very regularly to protect their investment and prolong the lifespan of their grill.

Enhanced Safety

The #1 cause of grill fires is overwhelmingly due to grease fires. By removing all the grease in the grills, you will be greatly reducing the risk of ever crossing paths with a grill fire.

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